Alternative forChangelogs too expensive? ChangeCrab offers changelog & user feedbak platform for less than half the price.
Don't let cost stop you from connecting with your users.

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Communicate changes, gather feedback and improve your business for less.

ChangeCrab is designed to make communicating your updates as fast, painless and effective as it can be.

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Unlimited users and staff

Our changelogs and suggestion pages can be set-up in minutes and include unlimited tracked users and staff accounts. Why pay $100s of dollars more?

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Simple suggestions & User Updates

Let your most engaged users tell you what they want, and then inform them when you've made those changes, all from the same page and on the same system.

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Designed around you?

Find an alternative to Canny that doesn't ask for your money for basic features. Custom domains and categories are available on ChangeCrab for free.

“For Saas, changelogs are really vital to let our customers (and our team, actually) know what's going on. ChangeCrab has saved us the time and energy of setting up a blog or simply hoping people would notice our updates."
Testimonial Avatar Rebekah Jordan, Founder of Playopolis
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A Feature-rich Canny alternative for SasS, retal and tech companies

We offer a single, monthly pricing that doesn't increase exponentially as your business grows and a focused feature set designed around make beautiful and helpful changelogs and suggestions.

  • Completely free accounts with custom categories - no trial
  • Choose from inline or sidebar widgets
  • Unlimited Changelogs and categories
  • Unlimited Team Accounts for every SaaS Changelog
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Powerful and Configurable User Suggestions

  • Optional admin only voting
  • Optional guest voting and commenting
  • Automatically login your users
  • Create as many custom categories as you need
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Our premium plan is $20. Here's some of the features you get in our $20 plan that Canny charge $100 for.

  • Private boards
  • Post categories for both suggestions and changelogs
  • Post owners
  • Admin and team accounts
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Join us with a free account, no trial and credit card info required.

Need a Canny alternative? Our premium plan is half the price of the cheaper Canny plan.

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12 Reasons to Pick ChangeCrab

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Customisation as Standard

Add logos, brand colors and more

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SSL Secure Domain

Your domain, protected with SSL.

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Share with ease

Share with one click

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Gather User Suggestions

Learn what changes your users love.

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Embeddable Widgets

Keep users

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Fast Editor

What you see if what you get

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Media Embeds

Pictures, Videos, Music!

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Control your privacy

Public or Private. Your choice.

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Migration options

Move painlessly

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Twitter Integration

Post automatically

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Awesome support

LiveChat & Email

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Half the price

$30 a month cheaper than canny Alternative for Half the Price

Many of our $20 features are $100 on Canny


$ 0

A great plan for startups

  • Custom SSL Domain
  • Unlimited Changelogs
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • User Feedback
  • Custom Categories
  • Embeddable Widgets
  • 1000 Subscribers
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$ 19.95
Billed per month

This is the plan you want to sell most

  • UNLIMITED Changelogs
  • UNLIMITED Team Members
  • UNLIMITED Subscribers
  • Custom SSL Domain
  • User Feedback
  • Custom Categories
  • Embeddable Widgets
  • Private Changelogs
  • No "Powered By"
  • Custom CSS
  • Premium Support
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