Jobs at Wandering Skeleton

Wandering Skeletons is a development company that has been running since 2017. We’ve developed multiple websites and applications, most recently StatCrab, ChangeCrab, Deets and Booking Ninja, and are continuing to create new innovative and disruptive SaaS products.

Want to come work with us? We offer remote working, competitive salaries and a relaxed working environment. All available jobs are posted below - unfortunately we do not accept speculative applications at this time.

OPEN: Customer Relations & Social Media Executive

Job Type: Part Time (16 hours)

Location: Remote Working

Remote Working: ASAP

We’re looking to fill a part time, remote role for someone with both social media and customer support experience. This role will be fully remote with the option to work from our offices in Kent in the future.

To apply, please send us your CV and a short cover letter by email. Please include salary expectations.


  • Customer Service: Responding to customer queries in live chat, on Discord and on email. Our customers may require anything from updates to accounts to live support with product features, and we’re looking for people that are able to help in a friendly and proactive manner.

  • Social Media: Alongside customer support, you’ll be tweeting from company accounts and helping to grow our Twitter and Facebook presence, including responding to customer queries on social media and directing customers to the right tools.

  • Feedback: As our frontline support for customers, you’ll know better than anyone what our customers needs and problems are. You’ll be collating and reporting weekly customer feedback to help us grow and improve the business.

Required Skills

We look for passion and real-life experience more than education, so don’t be afraid to apply no matter what your background. Any experience in a customer-facing role or professional social media experience is obviously a big plus.

  • Self-motivated and able to work without direction

  • Highly computer literate and eager to learn

  • Excellent English and communication skills

  • Happy and confident to help people of all technical levels

  • An interest in technology and tech products

OPEN: Full Stack Developer

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Remote Working

Remote Working: ASAP

We are looking for someone who enjoys finding unique ways to solve problems in the most cost effective way to ensure we can pass on maximum savings to our customers. If you are someone who looks at the status quo as something that is there to be challenged then you might just be the perfect fit for our small but growing team.

As a team we work in a range of languages, finding the language that suits the task the best. You’ll be moving between Laravel, Go, Node and front end markup languages so you’ll need to be adaptive and find mental organisation an enjoyable task.

To apply, please send us your CV and a short cover letter by email. Please include salary expectations.

Required Skills

  • Flexible: You’ll need to be ‘pretty good’ at at least one of our core languages - that is to say PHP, Node or Go. We’re not looking for someone who has memorised the entire documentation but being able to seek out solutions to problems is paramount.

  • Unix familiarity: You’ll need to be at least somewhat comfortable in unix command lines. All our servers run on top of either CentOS or Ubuntu so we’d like to avoid any rm -rf *. You’ll also need to feel comfortable with trying out new tools and *nix setups.

  • Full Stack: As a small team we’re not setup to have a backend team, a frontend team and a middle ground team, so in your role you’ll be creating the classes, then designing the frontend to go alongside them.


  • Up for Fun: Yes, we're a business, but we enjoy a game every now and then, so if the idea of working somewhere where in the middle of the project it’s decided to get some Left 4 Dead 2 in is ‘unprofessional’ then it might not be the right environment for you.

  • Willing to pitch in: We are family business so we’re not going to be working weekends or until 1AM at night. That said we're also a small team, so if something urgent (downtime, fire, giant lizard attack) happens then out-of-hours working can occur.

  • Customer Focused: We’re absolutely about driving the best possible experience for our customers. You need to be someone who cares about the customer, above and beyond the company itself. They don’t just pay our wages, they have put trust into us as a company and we want to return that