Our Privacy Policy

In simpliest terms, we do our best to ensure as few people as required have access to your data.

Privacy is at the core of who we are

Last Updated: 10/02/2021

Here at CrabTools (Wandering Skeleton Ltd) our ethos is on protecting your privacy. We do not and shall not ever sell your data to third parties, no if’s and no buts. Never the less like any company there are times where we have to store your data and transfer it between our partners. This privacy policy sets out what we store, how we store it, and why.

The what & why

When you join CrabTools you provide us with your name, email address, and password.

We use this information to ensure you can login to the platform. We may also use your email address to send information relating to the CrabTools products and password resets. You can unsubscribe from CrabTool emails at any time; though password resets will continue to be sent as normal.

Your users may also submit their email address to get notifications on changes you post.

We use their email address to direct notification to them when you post a new changelog item. We will not use their email for any other purpose, and it will not be shared outside of CrabTools.

We also store a hashed version of your IP address; this is for DDoS mitigation and security purposes. We also store: Their browser type, and operating system type. Their country of origin, as processed by a locally held database. The referring URL that triggered your page visit The pages that you visit We store this information to give us a basic understanding of our customers. We use StatCrab to collect this information to try to limit external data partners.

Upon the deletion of your account, we shall remove all live data stored. Due to the nature of backups, your data may remain on our systems for 14 days, after which it will be purged from our system.


To ensure you can login to the system we store cookies on your desktop. We store two types of cookies. The first is authentication cookies, these keep you logged in. The other cookie we may set ensures we can track where you initially visited from (ex. Google Ads). These cookies are not shared externally

The GDPR Stuff

Data is collected on behalf of Wandering Skeleton Limited, T/A CrabTools. Bryant House Bryant Road Strood Rochester Kent ME2 3EW.

Wandering Skeleton data protection officier is Daniel Nethersole who can be contacted at dan@wanderingskeleton.com

Our legitimate interests for the data collection are described in the above what and why section. We do not use the data above to make automated personal decisions.

We encrypt all data send between your browser (client) and our servers with HTTPs using a high grade SSL encryption. We take technical and organisational steps to ensure any potential misuse or loss of your data. Any personal data which is lost will be reported to the ICO here in the UK

Our servers are located within the United Kingdom. Information stored as per the third party tools below may be stored elsewhere, please consult their privacy policy

Your Rights Under GDPR

  1. The right to be informed – We must keep you informed about what data we store, and why
  2. The right of access - You have the right to know what information we store about you.
  3. The right of rectification - You have the right to have personal data rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  4. The right to erasure - You have the right to ask us any time to remove information we hold about you.
  5. The right to restrict processing - your right to block or suppress processing of your personal data.
  6. The right to data portability - Retain and reuse your personal data for your own purpose.
  7. Rights of automated decision making and profiling - You have the right to withdraw from automated decision making (we don't do this).

Third Party Tools:

Like most online businesses there are times where we have to use external providers. These provide each have their own privacy policy.

TypeKit: We use Adobe Typekit on our website. Typekit allows us to provide custom fonts that help the design aspects of ChangeCrab. Adobe does not set or use cookies in order to serve these fonts.

Fontawesome: We use the Fontawesome CDN to deliver customised icons. The fontawesome cdn privacy policy can be found: https://cdn.fontawesome.com/privacy

Intercom: We use Intercom to provide email messages and support for your account. As part of this, we provide Intercom with your email address and name, along with your account ID. This enables us to tie help messages with the account used. Intercom may place a cookie on your machine to help with this process. The intercom policy can be accessed https://www.intercom.com/legal/cookie-policy

We also load external content from unpkg, and jsdeliver. These services do not have access to any personal data beyond your IP address.

Terms of Service

Abusive Accounts: CrabTools has the right to terminate any account that it deems abusive. Abusive behavior may include but is not limited to: Hosting illegal content, creating a disproportionate decremental impact on the performance of the application, using ChangeCrab for link spamming / advertising.

Upon Termination: If CrabTools finds it necessary to remove your account we shall with best endeavors provide you with a backup of all the data you have uploaded to that point. In the majority of cases, except where it not technically possible, we shall provide you with 48 hours’ notice. To date, we have suspended 0 accounts.

Your Content: The content you upload remains your property, however, you grant us a license to publish it on our platform. For removal of doubt, this purely means we can host your Changelog and not that we have rights or intent to publish the content outside of your managed account (unless otherwise agreed).