5 Ways Micro-Blogging Can Help Your Business

Micro-blogging an offer you a new way to connect with your customers that's faster, easier and more genuine than traditional blogging.

Micro-blogging is a process that’s all about making smaller, faster updates about you and your business. Here are some of the top reasons we think using a micro-blogging platform like ours can help your business grow and keep you connected to your customers.

1. It doesn’t take your customers away from your site

Some micro-blogging platforms like Twitter do take customers away from your site, but if you sign-up for an embeddable micro-blogging service like ChangeCrab, you can add your micro-blog directly to any page of your website. This seems like a small difference but it’s very helpful to keep your audience where you want them to be: On your site. Sending them off to someone else’s business, even if it’s a Twitter page, is disruptive and doesn’t always guarantee they’ll come back to your main page for conversion.

If you’ve spent the time and effort on your site to make something that looks great, sells your business and converts leads into customers, you ideally want them to stay right there. And we mean right there: that means not even leaving that page, even to load up a separate blog page on your site. With embedded micro-blogging, you can have updates right in front of customers, but without disrupting the user flow you’ve worked so hard to build.

2. You don’t need to spend all day on it

Writing blog posts and company updates can take a long time, even if the words come easy, which isn’t a guarantee!

Micro-blogging on the other hand is designed around the idea of making shorter blog posts, more frequently. Rather than working on a 1,000-word blog post that’s going to take forever to write, you could instead aim for 3 or 4 much smaller updates. The eventual word-count might be the same, but the actual time and effort to produce the content will be lower, even though you effectively get more out of it.

This means you can write something based on an update, a new product, a new team member, or anything else that would make a regular blog post feel sparse. Micro-blogging gives you a little more freedom and creative license to just quickly touch on ideas or plans that might come across as a little anemic on a regular blog.

3. It can feel more genuine and personable

One of the natural things about making short posts more frequently is that you have more opportunities to present your brand to people. The thing about big blog posts is they have a very essay-like and formal quality to them because of their length.

While that can work for some businesses, it can also feel a little archaic in a world where Tik Tok and Instagram exist and nobody has time to sit and read a 20-minute article.

Micro-blogging removes the pressure of having to plan out a long post and it removes some of the expectations on how we write them, too. With a micro-blogging update, you can talk more directly, have a little more fun & sign-out before things start to drag on. Plus, because things are shorter and snappier, there’s a much larger chance that your customers are engaged in your update.

4. It’s a free way to keep your business active

A trap that a lot of small businesses will fall into is making a very static website. Thanks to tools like SquareSpace, it’s easier than ever to make a nice-looking site, but the temptation is often to set it up and then forget about it, leaving all the updates and important information to social media accounts where updating takes less work.

Adding a micro-blogging platform like ChangeCrab can solve this problem because all your updates are so integrated into your site. So although you’re not updating the site itself and having to worry about design changes or where things go, you are creating content that is visible to your users the minute they land on your page. And because it's micro-blogging, it doesn't take any longer than other social media platforms to make updates.

5. You can set one up in seconds and without technical knowledge

Traditional blogging is a messy prospect. Big blogging platforms like WordPress require installation, configuration and if you want them to look good, a lot of work setting up themes. This can be expensive in both time and money if you want something that looks professional.

Micro-blogging is all about removing the barrier of entry from talking to your customers. You can create an account on ChangeCrab in a few minutes and adding it to your site is quick and easy.

Posting is equally as simple but still allows for powerful formatting to make appealing and beautiful customer updates.

The future of customer updates

Micro-blogging has been growing in popularity for years, and for many modern businesses, it presents a far more flexible, engaging, and appealing way to talk to customers than a traditional blog that gets hidden away on a website and never read.

A micro-blog platform like ChangeCrab can give you the balance between speed, visibility, and flexibility that can create a brand new communication channel with your audience and help your business stand-out.

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